IF THE SUN WASN’T SO MEAN (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

(for Margaret Ifeoma Osuji)

If the sun wasn’t so mean
you would not know the beauty of the moon’s grin
If the day wasn’t so harshly bright
you would not consider the soothing of the night

Death stretches out to capture our pearls
to teach the adage forever sells
that you value what you have
in the finite space blessed by the one who did us all carve

The sun is mean if you miss its grin
The day is harshly bright if you forget its light
wonders and continuous wonders
that transcend the confines of our mere thoughts

Life’s lesson is best captured in its strife
Its beauty in the emptiness of its duty
To death, a deferent departure from this earth
Dawn’s fullness through a day till dusk and then morn
If the sun wasn’t so mean dear


There would be much to fear
A deathly chill – need I say the rest?
Enjoy the sun – it hurts but know through it, we are blessed.

(From Bring our casket home: Tales one shouldn’t tell. SEVHAGE, 2012)

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