our Christmas tree of books

Question: How many books does it take to make a Christmas tree?

Answer: A looooooooot of books!

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It’s my favorite time of year again, that most wonderful time of the year!

Merry Christmas people!

So, my husband and I decided… Gotcha! Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Yeah,  I got married a couple of weeks ago to the best boyfriend in the whole world, now promoted to the position of best husband in the entire universe!

Since I was last here, I carried out a piece of research and wrote a distinction-worthy and distinction-awarded paper, completed my Masters degree at the University of Leeds, moved back to Nigeria and finished the year with the most awesome thing!

It was a beautiful ceremony.

And after that, my husband and I went our new home into which he was trying to magically make 2 rooms of books magically disappear into a much smaller space.

I had been flirting with the idea of a book tree, after seeing pictures on the internet. Let me tell you, it is much harder than it seems. And my tree was determined to be a dwarf.


Also, I kept goading my husband by telling him that we didn’t have enough books for a tree. Let me tell you, that’s almost as grave as challenging his masculinity! He kept fetching books.

We ended up with this after my second first attempt…

I wish myself better luck next year, and hope to God that Hubby will agree to take it down soon.

Happy New Year people!



The ottoman in the pictures – because I love a good DIY and because I couldn’t resist the idea of upcycling an old tyre into something beautiful!


WordPress managed to save this draft, pictures and all, despite repeated warnings that drafts could not be saved. I guess it was meant to be! 2 for the price of 1!



One comment

  1. You are now doing shakara with our tree, abi? See you…
    People have been marvelling at it. We have to make it bigger and taller o! Oh, I can’t wait *mmmuah

    Has been some journey… Let’s see it grow, all ways. 😀

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