from an ex-baby whisperer, with love!

We probably know (or are) that one person, typically single, sometimes married, but usually without a child of their own, who appropriates the title ‘The Baby Whisperer’. You know, that person that has a way with babies? Whimpering baby? No problem! The BW picks them up, coos to them and they stop – it’s magic! Fussy baby? The BW places them on their chest and they drop off to sleep. Well, I used to be one of them, and a pretty badass one at that… until 5 weeks ago. I delivered a beautiful baby girl!


Okay, calm down people! DON’T WAKE THE BABY!!!

See folks, that whole BW thing is a scam! Only, you don’t realize it till you have your own baby. Life as I knew it is over! Heellllpp!! (Not really! 😀 )

See, I realized that all the time I was feeling proud about my skills, it was just a matter of timing! You see, we visit people at sociable hours, when the baby has had a bath, been fed – times when there’s nothing really at stake. I learned that hard way, that the fun starts after midnight. the first couple of weeks weren’t funny fam! And even though she has pretty much settled now and sleeps most of the night and during the day, I think she sometimes feels the need to remind me who is boss. Especially when I think I’m motivated to meet certain targets. Like write blog posts. (See what I did? A new convenient person to blame for my procrastinating habits! 😀  ). I’m learning to take multitasking to a whole new level – blogging while breastfeeding!

Join me in welcoming beautiful baby Jemma! Thanks in advance for all your prayers and good wishes!IMG_20180930_100744.jpg




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